Great Coffee: You Can’t Afford Not to Serve It

“Coffee is your customer’s first, last and lasting impression,” says Sherri Johns of the Ultimate Barista Challenge. Delicious coffee and espresso enhance your menu, complement your cuisine and build customer loyalty. And great coffee equals great profits. By selling 100 cups a day (with 50 refills at no charge), you can earn over $44,000 in net revenue per year.

Delicious coffee is a magnet that attracts customers again and again. Delicious coffee ensures customers add one and enjoy desserts and buy more. Great coffee enhances your image while building your brand franchise and expanding your customer base.

The art of coffee relies on time and temperature to extract the best possible taste experience from your coffee beans. Professional quality, high precision timers and thermometers are essential for brewing and serving to perfection.

Timing is critical for maintaining quality in all brewed coffee and espresso drinks. Timers can monitor brew time and serve time on coffee brewers. They can also be used for espresso extraction timing, grind adjustment and quality assurance. Freshness timers complete the quality control process by ensuring that the coffee you serve is always fresh and delicious.

Thermometers are essential for achieving perfect results and consistency. They are important for monitoring brew water temperature as well as the temperature of milk. Delicious cafe lattes, cappuccinos and café mochas depend on perfectly steamed and textured milk. Unless barista are trained to use high-precision thermometers, consistency is hard to achieve.

Coffee is a daily indulgence that can be one of the best attractions to your business. Whether you operate a white tablecloth restaurant or a coffee café, delicious coffee delivers the optimal customer experience. You can’t afford not to serve it and CDN can help.

Coffee Math: Great Coffee = Great Profits

  • One location
  • Buys coffee at $14.00 per pound
  • Using 4 ounces to brew a 64 ounce pot
  • Serving an 8 ounce cup
  • 32 cups per pound of coffee
  • At 100 cups per day, with 50 refills at no charge
  • Selling each cup at $1.95
  • At 54 cents per cup COGS, you profit $44,484.38 in one year
  • Can you afford NOT to serve delicious coffee?