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CDN’s 30th Anniversary

Time, Temperature, Trends: CDN Reflects on 30 Years of Lessons Learned,-temperature,-trends

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CDN: Innovation Key To Reaching 30-Year Mark

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Digital Thermometers

Instant-Read Thermometer

It (Q2-450) “gives a quick, precise temperature reading. And you can trust its accuracy because this thermometer, unlike most digital thermometers, can be recalibrated.”

Fine Cooking

Speed and Precision

“When not in use, the unit (Q2-450) automatically turns off after 10 minutes. Self-Set, a patented self-calibrating construction ensures precise measurement and instant readings every time.”

Seafood Business

Stocking Stuffers for Kitchen

“Take the guess work out of whether a roast, salmon fillet or chicken is done to perfection.” (Q2-450)

The Arizona Republic

Housewares Make a Strong Statement

The ProAccurate® Quick Tip™ Pocket Thermometer (Q2-450) “can be worn around the neck of the person doing the grilling. The cook can go about his or her business around the house or yard while still having the thermometer close at hand when needed.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gifts for Chefs

“What’s the best present to give the cook who has everything? The one thing they don’t have, and the one thing chefs and food safety experts a like say they desperately need: an Instant Read Thermometer (DTQ450X).”

USA Today

Tough to Tender

“An Instant Read Thermometer (DTQ450X) takes the guesswork out of knowing when your roast goes from tough to tender.”

Bon Appétit

Field Calibration

“The thermometer (DTQ450X) stands out for its convenient field recalibration.”

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

Highly Recommended

“The CDN QuickTip™ (DTQ450) was fast and accurate and had every feature we deemed necessary, including a calibration button.”

Cook’s Country

Best Buy

The CDN ProAccurate® QuickTip™ Thermometer (DTQ450) was named “Best Buy” by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated in the test of nine insta-read thermometers.

Cook’s Illustrated

Registry Must Haves

“This cool gadget (DTQ450) ensures a no-fail way to check the doneness of any meats-pop it in the bird and a digital readout gives you an instant reading.”

The Knot Weddings

Outdoor Kitchens Sizzle with Style

“There’s no substitute for practice when it comes to figuring out when the meat’s medium-rare. But given the raw cost of a decent steak or free-range chicken these days, you may not want to take any chances, which is why you’d welcome the CDN BBQ Fork (DBBQ212), which takes the guesswork out of doneness. Just stick in, and press the button.”


Tailgating Must Have

“CDN TempFork Thermometer (DTF175) is a must-have for any tailgate. It features an easy-to-use rotary dial for precision selection of the right temperature for grilling meat or poultry to your desired doneness.”

Yahoo Finance

Cooking Thermometers

Keep Your Temp in Check

“With food scares making headlines daily, it’s good to know if you’ve cooked all the contaminants out and a professional-grade Insta-Read food thermometer (IRXL220) will help you. This product has a 5-inch stem, shatterproof polycarbonate lens and a temperature guide on its sheath. Best of all, it can take temperatures from 0-200 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Cuisine Recommendations

“If you won’t ever need to monitor temperatures higher than 220 degrees, these (IRT220) are the dial models of choice. Identical except for the size of the face, the small model has a magnified lens, but the larger face is still easier to read.”

Cuisine At Home


“Toss your hard-to-read thermometer and pick up this glowing 2-inch-diameter unit (IRM200-GLOW), which features range indicators for rare, medium and well-done.”

Men’s Journal Gear Lab (ProAccurate® Meat/Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer)

Low Light Readings

“Keep a close eye on meat or poultry with the CDN ProAccurate® Meat/Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer (IRM200-GLOW). It features an extra large 2-inch, glow-in-the-dark dial with a durable laboratory glass lens, and a 5-inch stainless steel stem that makes reading temperatures easy, even in low light conditions.”

Infrared Thermometers

Point-and Measure Precision

“CDN’s new Infrared Gun (IN1022) offers point-and-measure precision to ensure the temperature will be read with pinpoint accuracy.”

Foodservice Director

Food Safety Without Touching

“The CDN Infrared Gun (IN1022) ensures food safety at outdoor brunches or indoor buffets by measuring the surface temperature of food being served without touching it.”

Bloomberg Business Week

Tools of the Trade

“The infrared function (of the Infrared/Thermocouple Probe Thermometer – INTP626X) operates with distance-to-spot ratio of 2 ½-to-1 for readings from a distance, and features a temperature reading range of -67 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermocouple function uses a K-type flip-down probe that can measure in a range of -67 degrees Fahrenheit to 626 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Foodservice Equipment Reports

Digital Probe Thermometers

Candy Thermometers

This thermometer (DTP482) offers “additional meat-thermometer settings; magnetic back for sticking to refrigerator.”

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Probe Thermometers: Can They Take the Heat?

“Most versatile: This compact, well-designed thermometer (DTP482) is suitable for high-heat roasting (up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as for candy-making and deep-frying thanks to a metal clip that suspends the probe near the side of the pot. We also appreciate the fact that the temperature alert can be disabled, allowing you to use it as a simple continuous-read thermometer with no alarm. This model performed very well in test for accuracy and readability.”

Fine Cooking

Tooling Around in the Kitchen on Turkey Day

“An instant-read thermometer (DTP482) is perhaps the most important tool for perfectly cooked-safe-turkey. It features a heat-resistant probe and cable that stay in the bird while it’s cooking, and pre-programmable control module that sits on the countertop with an alarm that sounds when the desired internal food temperature is achieved.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sweet Thermometer

“The clip makes this model (DTTC) our first choice for candy making.”

Cook’s Illustrated

Digital Probe

“The probe stays in the meat: a cable connects it to the main unit outside, letting cooks monitor without opening the oven.” (DTTC)

Martha Stewart Living

Right on Time

“It (DTTC) has a temperature range of 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 392 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used as a roast thermometer with a built-in timer, an oven test thermometer or a candy thermometer.”

Cooking Pleasures

Cool Kitchen Tools

“Quick, do you know where your meat thermometer is? If you can’t find it, it’s time to upgrade your tools. It (DTTC) works as a meat thermometer and a candy thermometer. You can use it to get an accurate read of your oven temperature — plus, it’s a timer. It’s got a big digital display, easy to press keys and comes with special clip for safety.”

Idaho Statesman

Every Kitchen Should Have One

“A digital thermometer (DTTC) is the quickest way to make a nervous cook into a confident chef. By inserting the probe into your roasting chicken, turkey or prime rib you can precisely monitor meats as they cook and take the guess-work out of trying to figure when they are done. There are countless uses for these thermometers. I like the CDN model because it has a wide temperature range-14 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit-can be programmed for temperature drops as well as increases, and also comes with a handy clip that allows it to be used as a candy thermometer as well.”

Whittier News

Favorite Gadget

“A double-duty thermometer: You may have seen this kind of digital roasting thermometer (DTTC) — it has a metal sensor probe that’s attached to the digital readout. The probe stays in the roast while the readout stays outside the oven, allowing you to constantly monitor changes. What’s different about this model from Component Design Northwest is that it comes with a metal clip that lets you attach the probe to the side of a saucepan or kettle for a new use as a candy or deep-frying thermometer. Because the readout is outside the pot, it’s much easier to see what’s going on than with a traditional glass and mercury thermometer.”

Fine Cooking

Candy & Deep Fry Thermometers

Gadgets & Gear

“A $5 candy thermometer (IRXL400) isn’t just for making candy, when frying chicken or other foods, clip the thermometer to the side of the pot to monitor the temperature of oil.”

Cook’s Country

Refrigerator/Freezer/Air Thermometers

Smallwares Finalist

“A 39-inch probe attachment lets you check the temperature without opening the door. The freezer alarm (TA20) goes off when the temp rises above 15 degrees Fahrenheit, while the refrigerator alarm activates at 45 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Great for peace of mind on the food safety front.”

Foodservice Equipment Reports

Food Safety Support

It (TA20) “saves time and energy costs by minimizing the need to open the appliance door to monitor temperature; and the alert function can be switched off.”

Club & Resort Business


2-Event Timer

“The 2-Event Timer & Clock (TM9) gives the user the ability to keep track of two events at once. When time is reached, one of two distinctive alarms sounds loud enough to be heard in a hectic environment.”

Fresh Cup Magazine


“The adorable CDN Digital Egg Timer (Egg-Shaped Timer) isn’t just for eggs. It counts up or down in both seconds and minutes up to 100 minutes. Just twist the base to set the time and then press the start button on top. Comes in blue, green, red or white.”

The Oregonian

Editor’s Choice-Egg-Shaped Timer

“Made of food-safe ABS, this easy-to-use timer fuses high-performance digital technology with a modish design, and cradles oh-so comfortably in the palm of your hand. Dressed up in a range of four fashion-forward colors, including Pearl White, Pearl Lemon Grass (my personal favorite), Pearl Red, and Pearl Blue, it has added a retro feel to my eclectic kitchen. Who would have thought a timer could be so cool and reasonably priced at $12.99.”

The Gourmet Retailer

Alarming News

“If you love options, this timer has them all, including an audible alarm, a flashing light and a vibrating signal.” The Audio/Visual/Sensory Timer “also counts up or down in hours and minutes or minutes and seconds. Attach the handy clip to your belt or clothing or use the magnet to keep the timer secure on the fridge or stove.”

The Oregonian

Back to Basics

“If you’re not a fan of digital technology, you may prefer the CDN Mechanical Timer. This is the kind that served Mom well with a dead-simple dial that times up to 60 minutes. The three-second ring will rouse you from even the soundest nap.”

The Oregonian

Fail-Safe Portability-Timer on a Rope

“The feature that sold us on this timer is a safety lock at the top. If you engage the lock-a switch at the top of the timer-you can’t accidentally turn off the timer. It’s compact and extremely light.”

Fine Cooking

Regular Reminder

The Water Resistant Timer & Clock “rings for 15 seconds every minute for five minutes (if you need to run outside, you may overcook the roast a bit, but you won’t burn it.)”

Good Housekeeping